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The newest CD from Tony showcases his skills and talents as a composer, arranger and instrumentalist.  In a unique personal statement, he layers various saxophones to create dense textures and surprisingly robust arrangements. 

Gemini Rising - Offbeat Magazine 

In the late '80s, Tony Dagradi played and recorded with the New Orleans Saxophone Ensemble, an all-star group that was modeled after the internationally renowned World Saxophone Quartet.  It included the late Earl Turbinton and Fred Kemp plus baritone saxophonist Roger Lewis.Gemini Rising uses a similar concept though with a major twist.  Dagradi performs all the horn parts - soprano, alto, tenor and… Read more

Gemini Rising - Now Available! 

With the release of “Gemini Rising,” Tony Dagradi offers up an engaging album in which he layers various saxophones to create dense textures and surprisingly robust arrangements.  In fact, the entire saxophone family, soprano, alto, tenor and baritone, is used by Tony to fashion all of the melodic and harmonic content; not to mention the intense soloing,  The only other element of orchestration is the… Read more

Astral Project At New Orleans Jazz Fest 2013 

Astral Project first played New Orleans Jazz Fest in 1978. And this savvy, virtuosic quartet has been bringing its well-honed modern jazz ideas to the Fair Grounds ever since. On Friday at the Jazz Tent, the quartet showed that the young lions of decades past haven't lost their roar, their teeth, or the feline grace of their improvisations.Reedman Tony Dagradi still runs harmonic mazes with… Read more

Jazz Fest Minutes: Tony Dagradi 

Saxophonist and Astral Project founder Tony Dagradi grew up in Summit, New Jersey. By high school he knew what he wanted to do: play jazz.“It was almost as if I didn’t have a choice,” he says. “I didn’t think about, well, how much money am I going to make or how do I get a gig. I was just — all I wanted to do was play.”After a couple of years at the Berklee School of Music in Boston, Dagradi entered an… Read more

Saxophone Journal 

November/December 2012 Vol. 37, No. 2New Saxophone Publications by David DemseySax Solos Over Jazz Standards: Book-CD setRecommended for: musicians who already have some knowledge of jazz theory, but are struggling to unlock their own “true voice” as a composer or improviser   Tony Dagradi has a long reputation as a major-league modernist tenor player. He has for years been on the faculty of Loyola… Read more

Sax Solos Over Jazz Standards 

Today, I would like to introduce “Sax Solos Over Jazz Standards,” a new book and play along CD which was just released by Jamey Aebersold’s Jazz Books. My goal in producing this music was to present sophisticated and balanced melodic statements based on standard changes which could serve as superior models for practice and study. While these solos are carefully and painstakingly ‘composed,’ each is… Read more

Interview With Tony Dagradi 

Astral Project is often called the best contemporary jazz band in New Orleans, with good reason. They play with the cohesion of a band that’s been together fordecades, andthe passion of youngsters. Their music is at times outside, inside, funkified, and even a bit sanctified.Tony Dagradi is the leader of the group. Playing a number of saxophones, he can surprise a jaded listener by taking the soprano sax… Read more

Tony Dagradi Sextet Plays Kind Of Blue 

On March 5, 2009, in Roussell Hall at Loyola University in New Orleans, the Tony Dagradi Sextet featuring Jamelle Williams on trumpet, Rex Gregory on alto, Michael Pellera on piano, Roland Guerin on bass and Troy Davis on drums re-created the music from Miles Davis' landmark recording, "Kind Of Blue."Click here to see a Vimeo recording of the event.Tony Dagradi’s Sextet opened the show… Read more

Tony Dagradi Organ Trio 

It’d be tough for anyone to possibly enjoy playing their instrument more than drummer Simon Lott does. Watch Lott a few times and you’ll notice that a distinct full-body grinignites even as he approaches the kit. By the time he plays the first note, his face is aglow with rapturous delight that infects all those around him–players and listeners alike.Tonight’s lucky subjects included duo-mate Brian… Read more